Managed Security Services

A global force with world-class security capabilities.

Managed security services that secure your organization while decreasing cost and complexity. Cyber threats are an immense concern in today’s business world. From strategic consulting, emergency response services, to cloud security and 24x7 managed security services, LifeTech has the capability to safeguard against even the most sophisticated threats. We protect the most complex of business environments to give you peace of mind. Protect your information and defend against next-generation security risks.

Life Armor

Managed Network Security Services (MNSS)

A network security solution to protect endpoints, applications, systems, and networks. LifeTech’s Life Armor for Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Unified Threat Management (UTM), Proxy, and Host Identity Protocol System (HIPS), simplifies the complexity of firewall management while increasing overall security capabilities and meeting compliance requirements. The solution was designed to help businesses reduce operational overhead associated with the day to day management of core security technologies that provide the foundational elements for the client’s overall security posture.

Life Scan

Vulnerability Management Services

Detects vulnerabilities across network devices, servers, web applications and databases to help reduce risk and better manage compliance requirements. This agent-less scanner, is able to scan both externally and internally of the firewall to detect vulnerabilities and provide remediation. Through Life Scan, your organization can achieve improved time to value by leveraging an on-demand cloud-based platform removing the need to purchase dedicated scanning applications.

Life Radar

Managed Security Information and Event Management (MSIEM)

Life Radar enables businesses to have full visibility, readability and control of all the events happening within their environment. Expert 24/7 monitoring and response by seasoned security professionals for the most complex and challenging environments ensures that businesses are able to operate efficiently and with more flexibility to meet ever changing business demands. The solution offers real-time threat monitoring, escalation, incident reporting, and remediation assistance designed to stop and reduce the impact of security.

Life Shield

Intelligent Log Management

A cloud-based log management service designed to provide clients with 24/7 monitoring and protection against threats while complying with regulations that require log monitoring. It uses a multi-tenant technology, powered by IBM’s Qradar technology, to provide intelligent log management capabilities. It’s single-pane-of-glass alert visibility enables easy policy management and alert monitoring but at the same time with the most advanced analytics and correlations. This powerful solution ensures peace of mind for business owners with its flexible features and cost effective value.

Life Rapid Wire

Emergency Response Services

The solution is designed to provide resources to assist you with computer security incidents or emergency response preparation. Highly qualified analysts and consultants prepare, manage and respond to computer security incidents while including steps for analysis, intelligence gathering, containment, eradication, recovery, and prevention. As a result, businesses are now able to reduce the impact of security breaches faster and more efficiently while gaining a deeper knowledge of such incidents and their infrastructure.

Life Vault

Hosted Email and Web Security Services

Combats profit-reducing, brand damaging weapons, viruses, spam and spyware being directed at enterprises via a comprehensive cloud-based offering with no technology acquisitions or deployment. The solution is also designed to help protect IT investments and productivity by reducing the threat of spyware and viruses delivered via web browsing. Life Vault’s cutting-edge technology enables analysis of images, text, file’s etc. which reduces time wasting and keeps unwanted content away from businesses.

Life Identity

Identity and Access Management

Life Identity safeguards privileged users, service accounts and applications against malicious or accidental abuse of access rights. It offloads the complexity and challenges of managing an IAM solution, allowing clients to reduce costs while focusing in-house staff on revenue generating activities. Customers are provided with business and technology consulting to develop a clear business driven, strategic roadmap for improving an organization’s IAM maturity posture.

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