Managed ICT Services

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Working with various devices can be a daunting challenge especially when there are multiple processes and services involved. LifeTech provides professional nationwide onsite support for installation and operation with a 24x7 proactive monitoring services for the ICT devices and services such as WAN optimizers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, wireless APs, routers and application performance monitoring. Through our Managed ICT Services, we ensure your assets are perform optimally while you focus on your business.

Managed Devices

Organizations are constantly in need to keep track and manage their network equipment with their ever expanding network of switches, load balancers, wireless AP and routers. Businesses need to constantly invest in manpower and associated expertise to manage these devices. LifeTech is here to provide a one-stop solution for organizations of all sizes, to reduce their cost and keep up productivity, by managing their network devices and to ensure connectivity is up and daily business operations are uninterrupted

LifeTech provides professional services nation-wide providing certified engineers to help maintain and manage network devices. We are providing not just procurement of such network devices, but also consultations, planning, project management services, deployment and nation-wide on-site support. LifeTech through its own Network Operations Centre provides proactive 24x7x365 monitoring service on the network devices. LifeTech takes the pain of managing these devices away to allow customers to focus on their businesses more with our end-to-end Managed Network Devices Services.

Managed Wan Optimization Services

LifeTech’s Managed WAN Optimization Service (MWOS) brings sophisticated managed WAN optimization to organizations of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to the largest corporations with hundreds of branch offices and datacentres. LifeTech MWOS provides better utilization of WAN traffics, by accelerating and optimizing the transfer of data and applications. This in turn, will help in optimizing bandwidth usage and reducing the cost of deploying larger bandwidth on organization’s network.

Through LifeTech MWOS multiple tiers solution, we can help accommodate customers with different budgetary, technology and capabilities requirements, depending on their business needs. This can range from basic optimization of traffic, up to the most up-to-date technology deployment. LifeTech’s MWOS will be managed by certified engineers in the Network Operations Centre (NOC), providing customers 24x7x365 proactive monitoring on the hardware configuration, performance and maintenance. Customers will be able to enjoy faster performance in their daily operations, reducing bandwidth cost and savings on the needs to have the manpower to manage the solution.

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